BSc (Hons) Thesis

Final Year Dissertation: Evaluation of the different methods of control of 3D games on a smart phone device

My thesis was about looking at how games are controlled on a mobile device. 3D games on a smart phone in particular. In the past mobile gaming was very basic with small screens and limited control options due to the keypads. Today however, is a very different story with smart phones offering bigger screens and different ways of controlling games with touch screens and tilt functions. It is now an industry worth $3.4bn according to EA (Mobile Entertainment, 2010) .

There is still a problem with 3D games though. While there are more options to control the games and larger screens means more room to see the games. Controls can often still feel limited and the screen can feel cluttered as developers try to make sure the GUI can still be used while you still see the game through your fingers as you tap/swipe/tilt the phone to play.

This report was to look into these controls and see how the different methods can change the style of game and how it affects the game play for the user.

Unity 3D game engine was used to design the android application used for the testing. The phone used was the HTC Desire (my own phone). below you can read the Thesis online or download the PDF version of the document if you desire.

The Thesis

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The Level – PC Version

I have also compiled the Testing Level using the Unity Web Player and changed the controls for a mouse/keyboard controls

Unity Web Player. Install now!


  • Mouse – to Look around
  • A – Left
  • D – Right
  • W – Forward
  • S – Backward

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