Global Games Jam 2011 offering from Dead Dodo. The team name of my Games Jam Team.

Cellulite offered the chance to put into practice some of the research into my dissertation and get a good head start on the project. For the team it was a challenge as we had not done a game for a mobile device let alone using Java and the Android graphic API’s. With 48 hours and the theme “Extinction” to do something with it; it was a true challenge for the entire team.

The Game

You play a simple Cell. Around you are cells out to get you or help you. There is a wide mixture of cells that will protect you as well as attack. Including other cells (computer controlled) that are doing the same. Meaning it is up to you to destroy them before they destroy you. The game was not complete with the AI left to be added. We are considering adding the attempt to the market place as a tech demo and we shall provide links to this when we do.

Team Dead Dodo are:

Steve Wilson, Dave Fletcher, Felix Cretu, Thomas Dolby

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