Chicken Run

Chicken Run is a 2D side scrolling game that’s is in very early stages of development. It is being made using the XNA frame-work, mostly to give me a chance using the tools that Microsoft have made. I also plan on getting running for Android at the same time.

The Idea

One of my huge interests is to get different controllers working at the moment. this project will see me program using the Xbox 360 controller for the first time and of course I plan on using the different methods of control when it comes to working with the Android API. The way games are controlled has become an interest to me that led me to my dissertation – Evaluating The Different Methods Of Control Of 3D Games On A Smart Phone Device – and it is still a huge interest after as it was an element that was not covered in my degree course that focused on PC typical mouse/keyboard approach.

The Chicken Run Project will be updated on this page and the Project section of the blog.

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