Don’t worry I am still here

I know it has been a while again. It has been hectic and I have picked up many other projects over the last few months and I shall update you on these in the next few post.

So what has been happening you ask? Well The Railway garden has been awesome to say the least the tomatoes provided a huge bumper crop but we did not get the sun this year to ripen them all so cue Green Tomato Chutney and trying to ripen them without the power of the sun (in the greenhouse and a few bananas). The pumpkins were a treat for both Railway at War and Halloween and the pub next door loved them for their soups as nobody wanted them. L The garden on the entrance has been cleared out now ready for next year and planning is going on with the team now for what next year will bring.

My girlfriend has spent the last few months in Germany on work experience in a school. Means I have not seen her and I must admit I am missing her a lot and a little worried for her alone out there. But, she is doing fine and I cannot wait to see her at Christmas.

Other news…

I am now the Membership Secretary at the Northampton and Lamport Railway Preservation Society. This mean I am very busy these days keeping the record up to date I am also now the Webmaster and working on a new redesign of the site and how it is managed. Much needed as the site does look like it is stuck in the dark ages (in internet terms).

I have started working on an app for the railway and again I shall update you on this in the near future as that has been placed on the back burner as I work on the site.