More Beds SU design work

Well my time as Vice President has come to an end. However, I have been asked to stay on for a month to help with some design work and I have now completed the new look Handbook for this year’s Freshers’ Week. Alongside that I am also working on the new website that should hopefully be online in the next week or so and I have created some more posters for Beds SU. Still looking for work however, I have not given up and am applying for various roles across the UK. Anyway, back to the art work

The Beds SU Art Work

The first one is Go Green made using a tutorial from and is used in the hand book for the Go Green section. I liked the image and the effect this created and thanks to the tutorial writer on this as it taught me a few interesting skills with Photoshop so if you like designing do check it out yourself.
Go Green

The second image is a poster I created for Beds SU. This was inspired by a few posters and photos I had seen while looking around for ideas and have used quite a few techniques I have learnt from following other tutorials over the last few weeks. The BBQ image is free but I have to send a link back to the site I got it from so a big thanks to them.
Beds SU Welcome BBQ Poster

There are other images in the pipeline as well as the afore-mentioned Handbook the images of these will be uploaded soon enough for you to see and check out in a later post.

Do check out my Flickr page as I regularly add images and photos to the stream you can do so from here: