University of Bedfordshire Lab Tour

This project was an assignment for the Social and Professional Project Management as part of my BSc (Hons) Computer Games Development course. It was a group project and therefore others on my course helped design and build this.

The Project was to come up with a way of using different Social Media tools to promote the computer Science and Technology Department at the University of Bedfordshire. The group decided to use a mixture bringing together YouTube, Unity 3D and WordPress to showcase the Creative Computing courses (in particular Computer Games Development) the outcome can be found here.

The project had to be managed using the PRINCE 2 system and I acting as project manager had to ensure our paper work was complete. I also developed the website and some of the video found on the WordPress site.

Matthew Friaser and Terry Patterson used 3DS Max and Unity to design the Lab walk through of one of the labs used by students. The plan is that this could be extended to other departments and have perspective students get a feel of the department. Unity 3D Game Engine was used as it not only gave a good way of building the labs but also allowed for a Web Player allowing the walk through to be put on the website. This assignment was awarded an A-.

Unity Web Player. Install now!


Move – A,W,S,D keys
Look Around – Mouse
Jump – Space

The Team:

  • Matthew McCaffery – Project Manager, Web designer, Video
  • Dan Potts – Video
  • Matthew Friaser – Modelling and Unity
  • Terry Patterson – Modelling and Unity
  • Sam Trethowain –

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