Weeds, Weeds and More Weeds

2013-06-09 16.22.36The Weeds at the top of the bank are getting worse. At this time of year the stinging nettles are reaching for the sky and brambles are now truly well bedded in. And as you can see from the picture this is going to get harder. So change of plan. And this one will take some weeks to pull off as it involves the use of chemicals. However, the result will be a plot ready to dig out and start planting a few weeks later.

This weekend – Weather permitting Pete and I will be taking the strimmer and the scythes into this jungle and trim it back once we have cleaned up the waste spray the ware with weed killer and repeat the following week. This should mean that we can then get into the area and dig out the roots with relative ease. Once done the land should be ready to replant with shrubs and some vegetables.

2013-06-09 16.22.13However it is all not so bad. I have managed to plant some tomatoes and a rosemary plant I had sitting in a pot for some time into the bed next to the entrance. Again as I mentioned in my last post I managed to get some sticks to use as canes for the two that needs. Both types I have planted are Italian varieties. A Roma that will bush out and give lovely red fruits and a

However I am worried about the rabbits in the area as these have been eating all the pansies, a new rose-bush and also the newly planted shrubs Pete planted the other week at the top of the bank. I did pop down Monday to check to see if they required watering and was pleased to see they are still there (for now). So that is good news. I may have to see if I can find some chicken wire to put around them when the railway is not open.

The weather forecast does not look to pleasant this weekend so Pete and I may get a little wet if the Met Office finally get the forecast right. But the work needs doing and with the railway closed as the line is being repaired it is not as though I have anything else planned.

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